Group II, Group III & Specialty Base Oils

Proven manufacturing reliability. World-class quality. That’s Motiva.

Our Base Oils

01 - Premium Base Oils that Meet the Highest Standards

No matter what challenge you and your customers face, our premier Group II and Group III Base Oils can help you with the right formulation.


02 - aramcoPRIMA Group II & Group III Base Oils

Tap a single supplier for all your base oil requirements

Both aramcoPRIMA and aramcoULTRA are consistently recognized for quality, the kind that comes from meeting your highest standards.


02A - aramcoPRIMA Group II Base Oils

Our aramcoPRIMA Group II Base Oils can be used to formulate a diverse range of solutions, including passenger car motor oils, heavy-duty diesel engine oils, and driveline, industrial hydraulic, and turbine oils. With interchangeable engine oil formulations, ranging from 0W-20 to 20W-50, they offer wide performance and viscosity grade coverage for API, ACEA, JAMA, and Africa automotive engine oils.

Motiva Base Oils also can be used to blend industrial lubricants in ISO-VG 10 thru ISO-VG 100. And when using an appropriate, heavier base stock, our Base Oils can also be used to blend industrial lubricants in the ISO-VG 150 thru ISO-VG 460 range.

Base Oils

02B - aramcoULTRA Group III Base Oils

aramcoULTRA Group III Base Oils can be used in applications that require high performance and efficiency, such as high-performance engine oils, automatic/manual transmission fluids, and long-life industrial fluids. aramcoULTRA is a heavy hitter for all kinds of next-level applications and innovations.

03 - Specialties

03 - Specialties

Special Base Oils for Specialty Applications

aramcoPRIMA 60 – Ideal for very light-viscosity specialty applications such as transformer oils. Made with the same process and commitment to quality as aramcoPRIMA and aramcoULTRA Base Oils, the formula for aramcoPRIMA 60 is tailored for light-viscosity applications.

04 - Group II and Group III Products and Uses

04 - Group II and Group III Products and Uses

Products Meeting the Needs of Our Wholesale Partners

Motiva offers a portfolio of Base Oils that help our customers develop lubricants for a range of automotive, industrial, and specialty applications:

  • aramcoPRIMA 100
  • aramcoPRIMA 220
  • aramcoPRIMA 600
  • aramcoULTRA 4
  • aramcoULTRA 6

05 - Typical Uses for Motiva Base Oils

Quality, availability and support make Motiva the base oil provider of choice for these and many other end products.

  • Passenger Car Motor Oils

  • Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils

  • Automatic Transmission Fluids

  • Tractor Fluids

  • Gear Oils

  • Greases




  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Turbine Oils

  • Natural Gas Engine Oils

  • Industrial Engine Oils

  • Marine Oils

  • Railroad Engine Oils

  • Compressor Oils

  • Way Lubricants

aramcoPRIMA 60 is the go-to Base Oil
for myriad light-viscosity applications.
  • Process Oils

  • Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Specialty Products Feedstocks

  • Textile Oils

  • Transformer Oils

  • Quenching Oils

  • Metal Working Fluids

  • Diluent Oils 


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