640,000 barrels a day, every day.


The history of the Port Arthur refinery set the stage for the modern-day Motiva.


02 – Port Arthur Manufacturing Complex

In 1901, the Texas Oil Boom was in full swing, after the now-famous Spindletop well struck oil and blew for nine straight days. In 1902, the Port Arthur refinery opened its doors in Jefferson County.

Since then, it has evolved drastically in scope and services, growing into North America’s largest refinery with a crude capacity of more than 630,000 barrels a day. The refinery, a vital component our Port Arthur Manufacturing Complex, sits on approximately 1,400 acres and employs more than 1,500 employees. We also operate the country’s largest Base Oil plant.

03 – What we make

275,000 barrels of branded fuel everyday


Port Arthur Refinery produces conventional gasoline, commercial aviation fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Export (High Cetane) Diesel and Texas Low Emissions Diesel, which are used in commercial sales, the trucking industry and in heavy-duty machinery.

Base Oils

Our manufacturing plant at the Port Arthur Refinery is one of the largest in the world. It produces a massive 40,000 barrels of base oil per day. The refinery is ISO 14001 certified and the base oil operations are ISO 9001 certified.

40,000 barrels everyday
100 railcars of fuel-grade coke everyday

Specialty Products

The Port Arthur Refinery also is the largest single producer of petroleum coke, with two coking units that produce fuel grade quality product. In addition to fuel grade coke, the Port Arthur refinery produces liquid petroleum gases, petrochemical feeds and sulfur.

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