Converting to 76® brand FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a dealer interested in converting my station to 76®. What should my next steps be?
We are excited that you are interested in the 76® brand. Motiva has minimum site criteria that need to be met to supply the 76®  brand to your sites. Please contact us at the link below to discuss further.

I am thinking about building a gas station from the ground up do you assist with that?
While we would be more than happy to supply your new station with fuel, Motiva leaves the planning and construction of new sites to the experts. We recommend locating a contractor or fuel marketer in your area who can offer the proper guidance for building your new business.

Can I purchase my fuel directly from Motiva?

Motiva operates as a wholesale fuel supplier for our partnered sites within our geography. With our vast amount of supply in our loading racks and network of equity terminals, you will be purchasing fuel from Motiva.

Do you have 76® gas stations for sale?

Motiva does not offer 76® gas stations for sale. 76® sites receive their fuel supply from us. Contact us to connect with a partnered 76® wholesaler in your area.

I just purchased an older gas station that needs repairs and upgrades. Can you help with that?
We would be thrilled to fuel your station. To ensure a consistent, enjoyable experience to our 76® consumers, we do have minimum site requirements. Please speak with one of our representatives to learn more about how we could fuel your station.

Partner with us to bring 76® to your retail sites.

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