Motiva Base Oils Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What Base Oils Does Motiva Manufacture?


Motiva produces high-performance, premium Group II and Group III Base Oils – aramcoPRIMA and aramcoULTRA – at our Port Arthur refinery. Our product suite includes aramcoPRIMA 60 (specialty Base Oil), aramcoPRIMA 100, aramcoPRIMA 220, aramcoPRIMA 600, aramcoULTRA 4, and aramcoULTRA 6. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifications and properties that distinguish each product.


What Processes Does Motiva Employ During Production?


We manufacture our Base Oils using a proprietary combination of distillation, special processing including Isomdewaxing, and hydrotreating. Through advanced hydroprocessing (including hydrocracking), Motiva breaks open the molecules within the base oil to remove unwanted substances and compounds.


What Are Group II/Group III Base Oils Known For?


Motiva Group II and III Base Oils are known for good Noack volatility and good Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) viscosity. They also offer better demulsibility compared to Group I Base Oils, making them well-suited for industrial lubricants such as turbine oils and hydraulic fluids.


Why Choose Motiva Base Oils?


Not only are all of the major additive suppliers experienced in formulating with Motiva Base Oils, our Port Arthur refinery houses the largest base oil plant in the Western Hemisphere. The Port Arthur refinery is ISO 14001 certified, and the base oil operations are ISO 9001 certified. And because the plant utilizes multiple base oil trains, production can proceed simultaneously on one or all units.


In addition to quality, other benefits of aramcoPRIMA are availability and logistics. Motiva is one of the few base oil producers in the U.S. offering Group III base oils.


How is the Noack Volatility of Motiva Base Oils?


Noack volatility is a measurement of the evaporation loss when you heat a base oil in an engine. The low Noack volatility and Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) viscosity of Motiva Base Oils make them ideally suited for formulating engine oils.


What Products Can Be Manufactured from Base Oils?


Automotive Lubricants – Motiva Base Oils are used to formulate a wide variety of motor oils and drive line lubricants.

Industrial Lubricants – Motiva Base Oils are used to blend industrial lubricants in ISO-VG 10 thru ISO-VG 100. When we use an appropriate, heavier base stock, our Base Oils are also used to blend industrial lubricants in the ISO VG 150 thru ISO-VG 460 range.

Specialty Lubricants Motiva’s specialty Base Oil, aramcoPRIMA 60, is tailored for formulating lubricants used in light-viscosity applications.

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