Health, Safety & Environment

Protecting what’s most important.


01 – Our Priority

We take a systematic approach to health, safety and environmental impact. Nothing is more critical than meeting the highest standard of accountability in these areas.

Health Safety

02 – Our Policy

Ongoing improvement on every level.

We’re always looking for ways to safeguard our employees, the environment and the communities in which we operate. Not only is this part of our core values, it’s a critical business target ingrained in how we operate. Our HSE policy ensures compliance with the law, sets targets for improvement, and provides a framework to continually assess and report on our performance.

03 – Our Commitment

Pursue the Goal of No Harm

At Motiva, we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of; to earn the confidence of customers, owners and society at large; to be a good neighbor; and to contribute to sustainable development.

Our commitment to protecting both people and the environment is fundamental to who we are. It’s a commitment we foster in our company culture, and we demand it from everyone we work with, including contractors and suppliers.

Environmental Stewardship

04 - Environmental Stewardship

Producing Energy Responsibly

Motiva strives to protect the environment through appropriate business practices and an effective environmental management system. We are committed to provide reliable, affordable energy to our customers while minimizing impacts to the environment.

Learn about our Life Saving Rules

Life Saving Rules
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