Driver & Contractor Training

Videos and other resources to certify drivers and contractors


Motiva has developed this online option for contractor and driver training. After watching the videos below, print and sign the corresponding documents, providing them upon arrival at the terminal location.


All drivers should watch the videos labeled (1) Driver Basic and (2) Life Savings Rules, in addition to videos specific to the product being transported. Once complete, download, print and execute the files in the driver documents section, including the (1) Driver Booklet, (2) Driver Certification Form and (3) Driver Test. Ethanol drivers also need to download and print the Ethanol Drivers Certification Form. Provide the required documentation to Motiva during your visit to the terminal.

In addition to the training documentation, drivers should be prepared to provide the carrier access letter with driver name, copy of driver’s license. Full loading privileges and carding are provided once local orientation and site staff witness the fourth load completed to Motiva’s standards.

Note that this certification will expire in 30 days. Drivers should be prepared to recertify online until further notice once the certification expires.




Contractors watch the video labeled (1) Contractors Overview and (2) Life Savings Rules.  Download and print the sign-in documentation form to certify that the course has been completed. Provide the required documentation to Motiva during your visit to the terminal.



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