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Motiva Introduces the FuelFill Program

HOUSTON – (April 9, 2019) – Recognizing the complexity of fuel delivery logistics, Motiva announces the launch of FuelFill: an innovative digital ecosystem that connects carriers, wholesalers and site operators in real-time. The innovative program, which is available from Motiva nationwide to customers selling all fuel brands, connects the parties throughout the order and delivery process in a single, simple-to-use digital platform.

“Remember when ridesharing was called carpooling,” explained Bill Spurgeon, executive vice president of fuels sales and marketing for Motiva.  “Do you know what changed?  Technology.  When innovative technology enabled riders to connect directly with drivers in an easy-to-use app, the ridesharing market exploded.”

“We believe FuelFill is taking the ridesharing concept and applying it to fuel delivery,” he added. “Through FuelFill, we connect site operators, dealers, retailers, carriers, drivers and wholesalers with each other so they can secure new business, establish agreements and set up services.”

From the rack to the pump, customers can manage order generation, carrier procurement, real-time order/vehicle tracking and electronic delivery of all documents from the FuelFill dashboard. Unlike the dispatching software currently available on the market, Motiva’s FuelFill Program is a freight-to-invoice solution that has created an open carrier marketplace by combining industry-leading technology with 24/7 back-office support.

“Doing business today is more about networking than ever before, and Motiva is connecting the fuel industry to technology to bring value-added services and enable efficiencies in customers’ businesses,” said Jeff Rubin, director of marketing and business services for Motiva. “We expect FuelFill to generate new business to customers on the whole network.”

 The FuelFill Program is Motiva’s second technology-driven offering designed to help wholesalers grow their businesses.  In January 2018, Motiva first partnered with GetUpside, a mobile app that provides consumers personalized cash-back offers on fuel purchases. More than 6,000 retail stations and more than 30,000 consumers are connected each day through the GetUpside app, increasing stations’ sales volumes by as much as six percent in some markets.

 “Technology disruptions often start small, but eventually they gain enough power to overtake those unable or unwilling to adapt to the new marketplace,” Rubin said.

“Motiva believes technology-based solutions that can be tailored to a wide variety of fuel distribution models and lines of business enable customers to not only grow their businesses but to lower costs and eliminate inefficiencies.”

 As a completely scalable solution, the FuelFill Program enables wholesalers to increase capacity by centralizing and standardizing fuel delivery processes while significantly improving audit and payment accuracy.  With the manual burden of managing fuel deliveries and back office operations eliminated, customers can stabilize their supply chain, lower their operational cost burden and improve their overall order-to-cash cycle.

 To learn more about or enroll in Motiva’s FuelFill Program, wholesalers can contact their Motiva Territory Manager or go to www.motiva.com/fuelfill for more details.

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