How we conduct our business is just as important as the
critical, enabling products we supply to our customers.

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For us, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy that ties directly to the success of our business and communities.

Delivering Excellence

01 - Delivering Excellence

Governance and Business Ethics

At Motiva, delivering excellence is core to our company and so deeply held in our culture that it guides our day-to-day actions. Strong governance, supported by robust systems, processes and risk management are key elements that allow us to gain the confidence of our stakeholders and sustain our license to operate.

Our Policies
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02 - Climate Change

We support solutions that will improve the delivery of affordable and reliable energy to people across the world. Improvements in process efficiencies, minimizing energy loss and using control technologies are all examples of how we are working to understand our greenhouse gas footprint and address the climate-related impacts of our business operations.

Doing the Right Thing

03 - Doing the Right Thing

Health, Safety & Environmental Stewardship

At Motiva, doing the right thing means protecting what means most: people and the environment. We pursue the fundamental objective of achieving an incident-free workplace with no harm to our people, the environment, or the communities in which we operate.

Health, Safety & Environment
Empowering People

04 - Empowering People

Workforce and Community Development

At Motiva, we believe empowering people is a key driver of sustainability. Our commitment to workforce and community develop bolsters our local operations and supports the long-term vitality of our communities. We foster a company culture that embraces differences and has fun making a difference.

Community Support
Empowering People

05 - Next Steps

Looking Ahead

We remain firmly planted in our commitment to safely meeting the world's every-increasing need for low-cost, reliable and cleaner energy to drive a sustainable future. We look forward to providing annual updates on how we are managing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues facing our company.

2020 Sustainability Report

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