Our Commercial Operations


01 - Supply Optimization

Our Supply, Trading and Logistics teams connect us closely to the market through direct relationships with our customers and suppliers. 


02 - Commercial Support

Supporting flow assurance and system optimization of the entire barrel to provide the best value to our stakeholders and customers

Our Supply, Trading and Logistics Group is positioned to see, call and capture the market with a full spectrum of trading activities. We are an active participant in the physical oil market, trading crude oil, feedstocks, refined products and bio-fuels with the ability to transport via ship, barge, pipeline, truck and rail.

Our trading professionals manage commodity transactions averaging 2.8 million barrels of products and crude oil each day.

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03 - Trading Outside the United States

Ensuring a security of supply, flexibility and cost effectiveness through Motiva Trading LLC

In 2018, Motiva formed Motiva Trading to conduct our crude oil, feedstocks, refined products and base oil trading, marketing and shipping activities outside of the United States. Together with Motiva Enterprises, and in collaboration with Aramco Trading Company, Motiva Trading maintains a global trading and logistics portfolio. Motiva Trading's objectives are to assist in optimizing the supply of crude oil and feedstocks, ensuring security of supply, flexibility and cost effectiveness, and to market Motiva’s refined products outside the United States.

Coordination with FSM

04 - Providing End-to-End Value along the Supply Chain

Optimizing our assets and providing commercial support for the supply chain

Our Commercial and Logistics teams work closely with our Marketing and Sales group to ensure products are readily available for our customers, terminals are well supplied and our assets are operating at a high capacity. They can arrange usage of our terminal assets and make arrangements with other third-party supply locations to coordinate and optimize the movement of raw and finished product through the supply chain.

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