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Two brands, unlimited opportunities.

Two brands, unlimited opportunities.

We proudly distribute two exceptional fuel brands to retailers across the country. Both Shell and 76® allow us to deliver on a double promise of reliable supply and quality products. It’s a commitment essential to our customers’ business – and to ours.

Make Motiva your supplier of choice

Make Motiva your supplier of choice

Exceptional Reliability and Performance

Selling through distributors rather than direct to retailers gives Motiva a great line of sight to what wholesalers need: reliable fuel supply, real-time information and compelling consumer programs.

The number one reason wholesalers choose to do business with Motiva is reliable supply. We are recognized across the industry for our superior performance in supply and communication. We boast a 99% supply reliability performance on gasoline and 97.5% on diesel. Motiva wholesalers can access loading and systems support through our 24-hour, in-house Loading Support Services Help Desk.


We market gasoline and diesel through nearly 5,000 Shell-branded service stations across Texas, most of Florida, the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic markets. Consistently ranked the top one or two fuel brand in our territory, Shell continues to be the gold-standard for quality and performance. The Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline sets a new standard in fuels innovation and redefines protection.

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Increasing our profile as a full-service supplier of choice, we now offer the 76® brand to our entire operating territory, including 26 eastern and gulf coast states, as well as Washington D.C. As an iconic brand, dating back to 1932, consumers have a fondness for both the 76® brand and the unique 76® ball. Over the years, the 76® logo has become a recognizable symbol of high-quality fuel.

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Unbranded Fuels

Unbranded Products

We are also a full-service marketer and distributor of unbranded diesel, heating oil and gasoline. Our portfolio of more than 3 billion gallons a year means we supply product across the country to commercial customers including those in the transport, mining, manufacturing, power generation and home energy industries.

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