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Motiva Doubles 76 Sales Force, Boosts Advertising

Motiva said that it has doubled its 76 (R) sales force and plans to increase print, digital, social and broadcast marketing and advertising in 2018.

The major intends to grow its supply and support of 76-branded retail stations by 250 sites per year.

In 2017, Motiva said it concentrated its 76 brand marketing efforts and wholesaler engagements in three key markets -- Texas, the Greater New York region and Georgia. The additional sales support will enable the refiner to engage wholesalers across its entire licensed geography, including all 26 Gulf and East Coast states and Washington, D.C.

To start, the sales team will focus on wholesalers and retail sites in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, the Carolinas and Florida, the company said.

"After conversations with wholesalers throughout my geography, it has become obvious just how much of an appetite there is for a new branding option for their sites," said Manny Payan, Motiva's newest 76 business development manager.

Motiva wholesaler Barry Bierenbaum, chairman of Mountain Express Oil Co., said the 76 brand has been a "great addition" to the company's portfolio as it expands its network. "Given the strong site performance after branding our first 16 sites in southwest Texas, we've recently signed an agreement in Houston that will increase our 76 site count considerably," Bierenbaum said.

The 76 brand was launched last year in new markets through numerous local events and sponsorships. The refiner also initiated a targeted social marketing campaign to drive consumers to 76-branded stations in its licensed geography, according to Eric Lockwood, Motiva general manager of business operations responsible for 76-branded sales.

"By expanding our sales team in 2018, we can focus on a much wider segment of our geography, targeting the best wholesalers in every market to further support penetration of the 76 brand," Lockwood said.

76 is a registered trademark owned by Phillips 66 Co. and licensed for exclusive use by Motiva Enterprises LLC in 26 Gulf and East Coast states. The 76 brand has been around for more than 80 years and is licensed to sell TOP TIER (R) gas.

--Donna Harris,

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